welcomenewmembers 1UNeECC is pleased to announce the addition of new members to its network in recent years. Following the joining of Politechnica University Timisoara, Lithuania's Vytauas Magnus University has also joined the membership in 2021. The latter was organising the UNeECC Annual Conference in 2022. The Archiepiscopal College (Veszprém, Hungary), the International Hellenic University (Thessaloniki, Greece) and the Nord University (Bodø, Norway) became our new members in 2022. In 2023, the Acedemy for Music, Dance and the Fine Arts 'Prof. Asen Diamandiev' (Plovdiv, Bulgaria) and the West University of Timisoara (Romania) has joined the network.



Kuleuven be KKU Leuven is a comprehensive university - With its comprehensive approach to knowledge, KU Leuven offers a truly complete education. The university excels in a wide range of disciplines, organised across 15 faculties. The fact that every one of these subjects ranks in the top 100 of their field, with half of them in the top 50 worldwide, is truly a mark of honour.



Kuleuven be KEvery month we are introducing one of the university members of UNeECC to learn more about their mission, academic activities, research fields and projects. This time we take a closer look at KU Leuven, home to Prof. Flora Carrijn, President of the UNeECC.  She is the academic director  KU Leuven Antwerp Campus and Managing director of Flanders Business School.



GlenFarrugia KWe are launching a new series of interviews with members of the UNeECC Board to learn more about their everyday life and work, and their contributions to the UNECC. We interviewed Professor Dr Glen Farrugia first, who recently became a member of the UNeECC Board. Learn more about his interests, daily routine, hobbies and favourite menu, and what ECoC means to him.